Choice War

Kas-Kel Electric Productions, LLC along with Academy Award-winner Barbara Kopple and Oscar nominated filmmaker Natalie Reuss will create a provocative and important documentary on the state of reproductive rights in the United States. With the Supreme Court more conservative than ever, Roe vs. Wade hangs in the balance and more and more states are making it harder for women to obtain abortions and decide their own fate. We’ll get to the heart of the most politically divisive issue in this country through the intimate stories of the women and men who are faced with making this hard decision. We’ll also examine the way the Christian Right has used abortion to shape their political agenda for the last 33 years. With exclusive access to the last remaining clinic in the state of Mississippi, this film will be shot on the front lines of this raging war - a war that's being fought on the steps of clinics and inside state capitals around the country. On our advisory board is Susan Sarandon, Paul Reiser, Tyne Daly, Amy Brenneman, Faye Wattleton, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Susan Brownmiller, among others and we’re supported by The Feminist Majority, NARAL and Planned Parenthood. With a President who opposes a woman’s right to choose, two new conservative republican justices on the Supreme Court and a pervasive and powerful Christian Right, women everywhere are clinging to the rights they've taken for granted but which now are seriously threatened. As was demonstrated by FAHRENHEIT 911, art has the power to ignite passion and create a national dialogue. Choice War will do just that while it also serves as a wake-up call for women everywhere.

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