Marilyn Kaskel

As President of Kas-Kel Electric Productions, LLC, Marilyn has won a 2005 Gracie Award, a 2004 Emmy Award and a 2003 Gracie Award. With an impressive list of broadcast credits to her name, Marilyn has perfected her craft as a network producer from New York to Los Angeles. As Senior Producer for programs such as: MSNBC's The News with Brian Williams, Equal Time hosted by Oliver North and Paul Begala and ABC News Productions Lifetime Live, Marilyn has created and produced some of the most talked about hours on television. From news and entertainment to the world of talk, she has created memorable television moments for Good Morning America, CBS News' Up to the Minute hosted by Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Harry Reasoner and Ed Bradley, NBC's Speaking of Everything hosted by Howard Cosell, The Montel Williams Show and Geraldo where she produced the now infamous Skinhead show.

With a passion for serious political and social issues, Marilyn's skillful producing has placed her at some of the nation's biggest events. From Presidential elections and impeachment proceedings to the trial of OJ Simpson to thousands of significant real-life personal dramas, her work has graced network and national cable broadcasts, putting her at the forefront of the television industry.

Ms. Kaskel has worked with some of the biggest talents in the television and entertainment industry. With a reputation for getting exclusives, Marilyn has produced a long and impressive list of interviews with the most important newsmaker's of our time including: President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, President George W. Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vice President Al Gore, Queen Noor and Senator John McCain to name just a few. In the world of entertainment she has created shows that have included stars like Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Susan Sarandon, Edie Falco and Richard Dreyfuss among countless others.

From her early days as the first female camera operator for the New York Yankees to producing broadcast programming for every major network and cable outlet, Marilyn's programming experience has crisscrossed the dials of America's television sets and gone to the heart of her passion - producing programming that makes a difference.

Ms. Kaskel's commitment to the artistry and power of television led her to create Kas-Kel Electric Productions, a company that combines first-class programming with the important social, cultural and political issues of our day.