New Morning
Kas-Kel Electric Productions is creating segments for the Hallmark Channel's daily morning show, New Morning and their brand new Sunday show, Naomi’s New Morning hosted by Naomi Judd.  While most morning shows rev you up for the day with news, weather, celebrity interviews and "how-tos", New Morning and Naomi’s New Morning take a different approach by introducing audiences to people who practice spirituality throughout their everyday lives.

Some of our profile pieces include the following: 

  • Acclaimed artist Tobi Kahn is known for creating art and meditative spaces that reflect his spirituality and inspire spirituality in others.

  • Meade Palidofsky is using her experience as a theatrical producer to rescue kids from street corners and detention centers by creating theatre groups for troubled teens. When the spotlight shines on these young actors their difficult lives are transformed.

  • Elissa Montanti’s life was transformed by reading one letter.  After the loss of her mother and grandmother, Elissa longed for purpose and meaning in her life.  She found it through the words of a child from Bosnia…a child who had lost three of his limbs after stepping on a landmine.  Now Elissa’s heart is with children all over the world as she helps them heal from the wounds of war.

  • When 8 year-old Stephen Mattingly decided to grow a vegetable garden and sell the vegetables to raise money for endangered species, no one, not even his parents, thought that his passion would turn a significant profit. But over the past three years, every penny he’s collected has gone to the National Wildlife Foundation and he’s become the talk of his community.

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  • Asra Nomani, a proud Muslim woman, was born in Pakistan but when she came to the United States she felt the sting of sexism from within her own community.  Determined to practice her religion with dignity, Asra began a movement in her hometown in West Virginia.  It’s a movement that has brought her accolades and death threats.   

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