Pregnancy's Greatest Risk: Daddy

By Linda Stasi, New York Post

Fatal Fathers: A Bill Kurtis Special Report
August 16 at 8 on A&E

WHAT do you think is the most common form of death for pregnant women in American cities?

No, it's not complications of pregnancy or childbirth. It's not poor pre-natal care. It's not pregnancy-related blood diseases or anything else you might imagine.

The truth is that the most prevalent cause of death among pregnant women is murder.

Yes, extraordinary cases like the Laci Peterson murder case and the recent murder of Lori Hacking have brought the issue to light, but who could guess that those gruesome murders were the tip of the iceberg.

Tonight Fatal Fathers: A Bill Kurtis Special Report explores the causes and highlights the warning signs -- and there are always warning signs -- through several cases.

The cases investigated here are Scott and Laci Peterson, Cherica Adams and Rae Carruth, (a pro football player with the Carolina Panthers), Jennifer Montroy and Joseph Peck, Ruth Croston and Reginald Falice, and Jennifer McMechen and Michael Latour.

In each case, the woman was pregnant, and in each case the father of the child (who is either the husband or the boyfriend) is the one accused of murder.

Through news footage and interviews, Bill Kurtis takes us through each case beginning with a jail house interview with convicted murderer Reginald Falice -- a college grad who murdered the pregnant mother of his first and about-to-be second child. Falice killed her when she moved and threatened to keep the children from him.

Rae Carruth, on the other hand, was a rising NFL star who was already supporting a child by a woman he'd had an affair with in college when he met Cherica Adams. Her mother tells how he relentlessly pursued and finally won Cherica over.

They developed a relationship that went sour when she announced that she was pregnant. Rae was not pleased, and was even angrier when she refused his requests to have an abortion.

He asked her to a movie one night -- and then she followed him in her car on a lonely stretch of road. While she was driving, a car pulled up next to her and fired shots into her head. She managed to call 911 on her cell phone and tell the operator that she thought Rae Carruth was involved.

She lived 28 more days -- long enough for her son to be born. The child, who is being raised by Cherica's mother, is brain damaged and suffers from cerebral palsy.

Interviews with both the families of the victims and the families of the murderers, as well as the interview with Falice, makes the special a fascinating -- and tragic -- look at one of the newest and most disgusting trends in America.

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