Proud to Be a Girl

Proud to Be a Girl is a 2004 Emmy Award winner. This documentary explores the growth of self-esteem in young women and looks at issues affecting girls today. Whether it's the power of friendship; the pressure to achieve the perfect body; problems of racism and prejudice or the pull between girlhood and womanhood, young women are bombarded with images and ideas that can feel very overwhelming. Proud to Be a Girl presents three strong, young women who are blazing their own paths.

Profiled are: Ashlie Butler, a talented dancer and actress and one of a small number of African-Americans attending a prestigious private school; Lauren Hermes, a child of divorced parents and a second mother to her younger siblings; Miranda Oropeza, a singer-songwriter whose ethnic background--Mexican-American-French-Italian--has given her a unique perspective on how to define herself. Along with these young women the program also features actor Julianne Moore and noted author and Professor Carol Gilligan.

This PBS documentary explores the growth of self-esteem and along with remembering their own childhoods, viewers will see how three strong young women came of age while rejecting societal pressures.

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