The Way Home
Kas-Kel Electric Productions, LLC in association with Lovett Productions, Inc., has created The Way Home, a series pilot for the Hallmark Channel. Narrated by Glenn Close, this moving hour and winner of a 2005 Omni Intermedia Award, profiles several stories of reconciliation. Included is the story of Postville, Iowa - a small Midwestern farming community that was forced to confront its own stereotypes when Hasidic Jews moved into town. Today, Postville represents a town that has come together and is working hard to create a modern day melting pot. Also included in this special is the reunion between a father and son after years of estrangement. Viewers watch as Ken Karlewicz and his 24 year-old son Eric confront the demons from their past. Finally, this hour sheds a startling light on one woman's need to forgive the perpetrators who murdered her husband and raped her daughter. Cheryl Ward opens up her wounds to a group of inmates at California State Prison at Salinas. During a meeting of the Victim Offender Reconciliation Group (VORG), audiences are riveted as Cheryl reveals to inmates that the prisoner seated next to her is responsible for the murder of her husband. This thought provoking special reminds viewers about the power of forgiveness.
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